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The image on my Home Page is an installation of my artwork series titled "Birds in Peril" at the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science in Tallahassee, Florida in 2005. There one hundred bird silhouettes representing one hundred different North American bird species that are in decline, threatened, or endangered.
The bird images are based on Audubon's "Birds of North America" to reference a different time period when the birds were more plentiful.
Each image is painted using liquid asphalt on cement panels to represent the loss of habitat than is the primary reason behind declining bird populations.
The silhouettes can be seen as the shadows of memory, suggesting that many of these bird species are disappearing and will only exist as memories some day.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In the High Museum of Art:

I work part-time at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and have been taking photos of the neoclassical statues in their collection during periods of different light qualities primarily in the early morning. Years ago I did a series of paintings based on cemetery statues from Atlanta's oldest cemetery and I'm drawn to sunlight across the forms of figurative statues.

I also photograph the juxtaposition of artwork throughout the museum as well.

I use a small "pocket camera", Canon Powershot, and take quick snapshots using natural light. My job at the museum prohibits me taking photos "while on the job" so I sneak my photos whenever possible.